Into the whole data processes for the results, the next writers (MK, RTS, ALM, EA and Particularly) was indeed in it

Into the whole data processes for the results, the next writers (MK, RTS, ALM, EA and Particularly) was indeed in it

Within the investigation, i put NVivo 10/Application to get ready this new voluminous text message procedure, making it simpler to go back and you may forth anywhere between interview text message, templates, and you may reflective notes. CC started leaving comments up until the discussion of conclusions become. Carrying out phenomenological search pertains to a collection of investigation collection and you can data facts which might be inseparable (van Manen, 1990 ). For every interviews is discover and you may reread on their own from the around three of the experts, to capture the important concept of the newest interviews overall. Towards 10 informants which have just who we had a take-up interviews, the two interviews from for every woman was comprehend total. All the writers came up with strategies for preliminary layouts in accordance with the interviews(s) out of for every woman and across the all the ladies. Up coming, the complete browse people as one opposed the latest initial themes based on interview regarding per woman and you can round the all of the people. Eventually, because of the highlighting to the distinctions across the most of the initial layouts, around three finally themes came up that with her compensate one particular meaning of the brand new technology of pregnancy and you will ambivalent in the first trimester. Inside techniques, the new five basic lifeworld templates, or existentials, recommended by van Manen, was indeed of good use given that instructions having reflection. Brand new reflective issues was indeed: How were the new existed body, new stayed time, the latest resided space, plus the existed interactions knowledgeable by the girl when she was unsure? Was basically this type of resided experiences different from the amount of time just before she became pregnant?

In these process away from reflection, the ability of composing and you will rewriting is actually of crucial significance (van Manen, 1990 ). The words are contacted to capture the basic meaning or fundamental dependence on the new interviews overall. To your ten informants that have just who we had a follow-upwards interviews, both examined interviews off for each and every girl was in fact synthesized. Elements otherwise properties of the experience “become unsure regarding the whether to provides an enthusiastic abortion” was in fact referred to as unique and you will preliminary templates out-of each of the 13 ladies lived event. In the end, of the showing to the parallels and differences all over every first layouts, about three last themes emerged you to along with her create the quintessential meaning of the newest phenomenon of being pregnant and you may ambivalent in the first trimester.

Moral factors

Your head of your own in it healthcare departments and the Local Committee to possess Scientific and you will Health Research Ethics () recognized the research, that was developed in conformity on the Helsinki ). Professionals was basically hired off more components to protect privacy. The ladies gotten created factual statements about the research and you can an invitation to join. They provided created agree. The fresh researcher had the feamales in personal meeting-bedroom in the hospitals otherwise in the college in your community where in fact the ladies was basically hired. An experienced nursing pure inloggen assistant was readily available following the interview.


The results expose the fresh skills explained by brief subset out of women that are pregnant who had been not knowing regarding the whether or not to enjoys an abortion. Because of the confirmation of your own pregnancy, the women had been confronted with their own readiness and you will confronted a the newest reality. It knowledgeable the option-making process since a lonely travels to your a definite end throughout and that its beliefs had been confronted. It demonstrated various regions of the burden the ladies revealed whenever being forced to make another decision within this a short timeline.

Confronting a person’s very own readiness

New pregnancy suggested your female have been thrown into a real possibility one to challenged the lifetime methods. The newest women’s responses and you will thinking depended through to their preparedness. When pregnant, the timing about their age, partnerships, and you will focus on assistance became well-known. Ladies considerations and you will event might change for the short-time it needed to decide whether or not to terminate the latest pregnancy and you will was in fact influenced from the real ailments and you can changing emotions.