Yu Han Sung: He had been attempt manager of your 2nd Flooring

Yu Han Sung: He had been attempt manager of your 2nd Flooring

Viole generally seems to look for the lady because the a supply of suggestions and you may takes the lady conditions in order to cardio whenever she admonishes your to have their decisions when confronting Rachel. It needs to be listed, that even with Baam are reunited with his loved ones regarding floors of take to, Hwa Ryun nevertheless simply phone calls him Viole.

Over the years, it appears to be Baam’s connection with White possess turned a small tolerable, once the Baam looked prepared to trust your and you will Light promising Baam to use the power of the brand new souls in to the him thus the guy you may most readily useful battle Kallavan

The guy earliest meets Baam on the next floors while the a test manager, of course Baam becomes deceived from the Rachel and is kept by yourself, they are the one that teaches Baam and Ha Jinsung. The guy said that if the Baam doesn’t feel slayer candidate, they’re going to eliminate out of his relatives, you start with Rachel. He shows Baam of a lot knowledge associated with trend controlling, even in the event Baam cannot particularly playing with any of them.

Nevertheless they satisfy both on undetectable flooring, but Yu Hansung once the a regular. They fulfill both in fruits of great and you can worst. Yu Hansung saves Baam and you can Androssi out of getting murdered because of the that of your own traps, though Baam hates Yu Hansung a great deal, Yu Hansung will not remember that. Yu Hansung helps your see Khun Eduan.

When the Hell Illustrate appear to the last channel, Yu Hansung facilitate Baam escape compliment of many rankers and large rankers. Yu Hansung informs Baam he increased.

It’s uncertain regardless if the matchmaking is the most genuine relationship, otherwise away from simple partners of convenience right now

Karaka : He could be 11th slayer regarding FUG. An other student off Ha Jinsung. Karaka first appears in the term google search station having Viole, and you may clogging their answer to the new Heck Teach. Which have Yuri, Yihwa, and some others‘ assist, Viole escapes towards the Teach and you will Karaka does not score your.

Up coming, over the last route, when Zahard’s military will come and you will episodes Regulars about hell teach, he helps with his better, understanding that Ha Jinsung picked Viole more than him, and you may Karaka decides to let https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/newark/ Viole escape the past route.

White : He is tenth slayer out-of FUG. They are to start with off Arie Family relations, even when the guy suits FUG and you will gets good slayer planning revenge with the Arie Hon. The guy basic states that he is Hoaqin, only an effective D score Regular that is a beneficial slayer applicant, following fights with Viole more slayer applicant by making right up a good games entitled Dallar let you know in the Hell Teach. He is defeated by Viole and people who was indeed murdered by White.

Next, whenever Light gets every his electricity backs, even regarding the past duplicate, the guy facilitate Viole outside of the past route, and he faints twice in the act, even in the event he made it his powers right back. Although Viole denies to track down assistance from your, Light nonetheless stays and helps Viole avoid.

When White went to Baam’s profession in the Pet Tower, Baam understands that White is only permitting him since the he desires something of your instead of enabling your out of goodwill. After understanding Light murdered Arkraptor and you may Prince, Baam is actually ready to exposure his most recent objective and you may conveyed a great eliminating intent on the Light so you’re able to avenge their companions.

Khel Hellam : Among the Elders away from FUG, Khel Hellam first didn’t have too much of a viewpoint on the Baam, being more than willing so you can kill him, but shortly after viewing Baam were able to transform destiny to defy their forecasts of the removing your of their power over Doom, Hellam first started seeing Baam’s potential while the something that you certainly will prevent actually Zahard’s, although he would be more than ready to kill him in the event the the guy turned out to be black.